Global Economic Recovery - Not Yet (#2)

In my last article I had pointed out a number of factors that would continue to impede the Global economic recovery, in spite of the latest stimulus initiatives being undertaken by the Federal Reserve and other Central Banks. One of the principal reasons, I had mentioned, as to why the recovery could not take hold, despite Trillions being spent globally on stimulus, was the incapacity of the consumers in the West to spend to pre 2008 financial meltdown levels. The second reason was the ongoing recession in the West creating the slowdowns in the emerging markets, which in turn further slowed down the overall Global recovery. This interdependence has become an interlocked downward spiral, for

Global Economic Recovery - Not Yet (#1)

Since the financial meltdown of October 2008, cumulatively, Trillions of dollars have been spent by Governments of most major economies, in the past three years, in a sustained effort to try and reverse the downward slide of the Global economy ($787 Million in its first stimulus package by the U.S. alone; over $500 Billion by the Chinese Government). Except for the prevention of the total freefall that threatened, in the aftermath of the crash, the stubborn economic downward momentum has not been arrested. The Global economies seem to be straining mightily against the artificial lift the stimulus spending has been providing. In fact there is a natural and persistent retrenchment need in the

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