Taking Stock – Mid-Year 2013 (#14)

It’s just past the halfway point in 2013 and we thought it would be interesting and useful to take stock of where the global economies have been, and currently are, and in particular how accurate our prognostications have been so far. After all, you the reader follow us to get informed about emerging trends of the current geopolitical economic events, and therefore our degree of accuracy defines our relevance for you. Through the analysis of a vast and complex body of daily, and at times conflicting, national and global news, analysis, commentary, research and institutional reports, we try to bring into focus what is actually occurring behind the noise, confusion and at times willful misdir

Global Economic Recovery – Inflating Volcanic Calderas (#13)

There are green shoots appearing in the scorched global economic landscape, but the periodic ongoing convulsions from the last financial meltdown, 5 years ago, are continuing to create seismic shifts in the geopolitical economic restructuring and realignment that is currently taking place. The Eurozone is seemingly the most unstable tectonic plate right now, and the major tremors that continue to emanate from there can bring on another major setback to the global recovery. The United States, Japan and China also have the capacity to implode, due to the highly unstable mass of hot air, in terms of the massive stimulus being injected into the banking and financial system, that is having very l

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