Central Banks Face A Greater Monster – Of Their Making (#45)

There is a growing monster of a financial crisis building. The biggest and most powerful Central Banks in the World created it, in the form of ever increasing liquidity, to drive ‘the perpetually growing consumption and economic expansion model’ that they thought was possible with their ever expanding and constant interventions in natural cycles, and free market forces in global economies. As economies and world trade grew, and global wealth increased over the last three decades, the Central Banks with the blessings of their delighted governments, unleashed hereto un-imagined torrents of liquidity and flooded the economies with ever easier to acquire debt, to create a borrow, spend and specu

Further Manipulations of Markets – Further Routs Ahead (#44)

As global economies continued their inexorable contraction into 2016, despite years of Central Bank’s interventions, and financial markets seemed to finally reflect the ongoing dismal global economic reality with their recent plunges, the Central Banks once again rushed in to the rescue, pushing and promising ever more irrational support, encouraging ever more irrational behavior that is bound to end badly, regardless of its postponement. This reminds us of ignorant, incompetent politicians making ever more irresponsible promises before an election, desperate to get elected at any cost regardless of the inadvisability and documented history of failure of such wild promises. Desperation and l

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