Global Economic Recovery – That Never Was (#47)

Revisit of September 20, 2012 analysis: Since the financial meltdown of October 2008, cumulatively, global debt was estimated to be $142 Trillion, and now is above $230 Trillion (McKinsey & Co. ING), and government debt is approximately an additional $60 Trillion. In the past years, in a sustained effort to try and reverse the downward slide of the global economy, monetary stimulus became the norm. Except for the prevention of the total free-fall that threatened, in the aftermath of the crash, the stubborn economic downward momentum has not been arrested. The global economies seem to be straining mightily against the artificial lift the stimulus spending has been providing. In fact, there is

The Cacophony of Daily Commentaries – Distorts Reality (#46)

From January 2016, as the global stock markets fell, some precipitously, many reasons were trotted out daily to explain the sudden drops and reversals. Since then, as they have gyrated, risen and fallen - risen and fallen again, almost daily, it has been amusing to listen to the explanations of their constant very erratic movements. In all the daily noise of market movements and the constant accompanying commentaries, the underlying reality of the ‘real economies’ that affect some 7 Billion common people in the World, gets distorted and drowned. The primary and most popular reasons, commented on daily, have been the crash in oil prices, China’s weakness, the strength or weakness of the U.S.

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