Global Economy – Running Aground & Breaking Up (#49)

To borrow a phrase from the American constitution and paraphrase, ‘we hold these truths to be self-evident’ – Central Banks have gone insane, because after years of their stimulative efforts not producing the required results, they produce instead: massive wealth inequality driven to unconscionable levels by their “trickle down policies” that don’t work; global debt at an all-time high; the global economies heading for a severe recession; massive job losses that are already underway, and more in the offing; global trade at historic lows; Europe, China, Japan and the US as growing threats of violent corrections; and asset bubbles poised to implode. It is 2016, the eighth year after the great

Global Economic Outlook – 2016 (Dangerous) (#48)

So far, the first quarter of 2016 can only be described as extremely eventful and volatile. The year opened with a bang with the financial markets taking a serious nose dive (classified as a ‘hissy fit’ in the financial community’s current vernacular), in January, when the Federal Reserve (“Fed”) dared to raise the key lending rate in December 2015, by a mere 0.25%, from the near zero percent it had held it at for years. That severe adverse reaction of the financial markets to the raising of interest rates, coupled with the sinking economies, backed-off the Fed and the other major Central Banks (“CBs”) from trying to normalize the exceptionally low rates with even fractional rate raises. In

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