The Changing World (#5)

There has been a gradual but revolutionary change that has been taking place in the attitude and expectations of people Worldwide, and it is accelerating. This attitudinal change is directed primarily towards governments, institutions and businesses, and it is changing the way that governments must govern, institutions and businesses must operate, and deliver on their various services and/or products.

While there has always been an element of general public expectation, that all governments, institutions and businesses felt accountable for, it was manageable enough that no one was ever seriously threatened by it. In fact, most Governments, institutions and businesses at one time or another, have been guilty of flagrant exploitation of the public for an extraordinary length of time, and for a very long time, people everywhere, were incredibly tolerant of such mistreatment.

There were times throughout history, no doubt, when certain extremes had been reached and people had dramatically rebelled and triggered sweeping revolutions, forcing change in all these organizations, but after a while things settled back to the old ways. New regimes failed to deliver on what they had promised, and the general public, bereft of any real empowerment, resignedly slipped back to the acceptance of old yokes and general exploitation, under new masters or systems. Those in power in the past had the ability to control the target audience with their propaganda, and isolate those that didn’t buy into it. That ability to sell misinformation, or self-serving information, unquestioned and unopposed, to a target audience or to the general public, is now greatly diminished, as is the ability to isolate the dissenters.

The general public in democratic, and in the most oppressed societies, are getting empowered by the ability to instantly pass and receive news and information almost instantly, and thereby foster a conversation amongst themselves that effectively counters the propaganda of powers that be. This empowerment, by the real time dissemination of information and news through hand-held devices, devices, computers and television, is raising and accelerating the collective awareness of people to what their rights really are, and where their long-term benefits truly lie. With this increasing awareness, people are getting boldly reactive. They are emboldened by their numbers nationally, and draw support globally.

In the current global political arena, “Arab Spring” is the most dramatic example of this new revolutionary change. Spontaneous solidarity of the general population deposed dictatorial regimes in a region, and in countries, where autocracy was considered the natural and accepted way of governance. The stunning suddenness, with which spontaneously galvanized people deposed some of the most entrenched and feared governments and dictators, left everyone else reeling, and gave hope, inspiration and courage to other oppressed people, who are now battling their own regimes. In fact, now all governments are on notice Worldwide, that they no longer can take the public and the power for granted.

In India, the United States, and rest of the OECD countries, unprecedented and persistent anti-corruption movements are changing long accepted policies and entrenched ‘business-as-usual’ practices Worldwide. Public outrage at the brazen hypocrisy and cover-ups of governments, businesses, religious and public institutions, is dramatically calling into account long held policies and practices. The status quo is no longer acceptable to the general public, globally, and for the first time in history, all governments, organizations and institutions Worldwide, at the same time, are facing an empowered global population, demanding satisfaction. The World as we knew it is surely changing.

The next series of reports will elaborate on the effects of this unprecedented and irreversible trend on governments, institutions and businesses, and how it will alter the World order.

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